A new concept of lavish and furnished apartments with all the luxurious aminities is rapidly growing . apartments are now available from 3,000 sft with one apartment per floor, each apartment having its individual / private pool, deck, terrace garden has become a common aminity in the apartment.

This is one of those cases wherin the apartment was located on the 9th and 10th floor of the building. the swimming pool on the 10th floor of the apartment became a trouble some situation to the client. all the superficial and impractical solutions been used by the client to overcome the troubleshooting area, but unfortunately just caused more trouble with every attempt.( was repaired thrice earlier) we took it as a challenge and analised the problems and explained the causes and remedies to the then seriously worried personalities.

Faulty concealed distribution network
Rcc cold joints
Care not taken at the junction of the light points.

Remedies suggested and implemented
Removing all the existing tiles and other surface teatment up to rcc surface.
Replacing and repairing the conceled electricial / plumbing network.
Treating the cold joints with flexible polypropelyene aso joint tapes.
Rendering smooth finish joint free plaster with proper curing.
Testing with water for 5 days.
Applying flexible membrane , uv resistant, root resistant, joint free coating of aquafin 2-c of myk schomburg (i) pvt. ltd.
Again testing the pool with water for 5 days.

Proper supervision lead towards the satisfactory completion of the job and healthy smiles on the faces. our intention:

We intend to bring into our country the concept of having totally seamless swimming pools wherin the use of all type of tiles would be eliminated ( hence reducing the number of joints ) and you can have a totally seamless pool of the required colour combination and design and ofcourse it will be totally water tight.