Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. (koregaon bhima , pune) is an excellent case for how the use of newly advanced construction chemicals with the help of advanced machineries we can achieve the highest quality and speed of work thus eleminating risks.

The entire flat roof surface was treated with the traditional drain out system of brick bat coba which was at least 15 years old. due to the changing atmospheric conditions , the top finish had deteriorated / delaminated and sounding hollow at various places, thus causing the severe leakages.

We took advantage of the underlay of brick bats and chipped out the top finished plaster which had cracked and was hollow. after the resurfacing with polymer modified mortar to achieve a smooth finish , polypropelyene joint tape aso came in to use at the junctions of the old and new surface joints which may always tend to re-open.

The entire surface was cleaned with high pressure jet machines and cured with water for sufficient period .

Application of uv resistant, root resistant,seamless flexible cementatious waterproof membrane of myk aquafin 2c was done over the entire surface with sophisticated top of the class machinery from germany.( innomat )

The high tech machinery was used in order to achieve an excellent bond with the substrate due to the thrust by which it is sprayed, to achieve a uniform thickness and finish to the membrane.

Even though the membrane is uv and abrassion resistant it was the clients idea to have a top coat of elastomeric acryllic paint over the surface and thus the top coat of red coloured paint( as selected by client )was applied over the entire surface with the help of brush and then roller finished.

Now for sure we can say that the client can be rest assured that the structure is free from any leakages that would further cause detoriation and fungus growth on the structure. by using this technique client has also reduced the burden of unwanted additional loads on the structure as well as saved time by using the latest teechnology.

They say “ time saved is money saved”