1. SURFACE PREPARATION has the key importance towards the satisfactory completions of waterproofing systems. Cleaning and washing the surface with copious amount of water.

2. HONEY COMB REPAIRING with rich mix cement and Crystalline mortar.

3. JOINT PROTECTION : Joints and junctions are the most leakage prone areas of any structure. So ut most care has to be taken to prevent the seepage of water through these joints. Applying FLEXiBLE coating of ( Acrylic base ) in two coats incorporating Fibre Cloth/Mesh in between the two coats.
4. COVING : Rendering 150mm x 150mm COVING in cement mortar at the JUNCTIONS of Raft and Walls.

5. PREWETTING THE SURFACE : Any Crystalline treatment requires maximum moisture for the reaction.

6. CRYSTALLINE COATING : Over the prewetted surface applying CRYSTALLINE PENETRATING cementatious waterproof coating over the area to be treated.

7. CURING : Minimum THREE days.

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