1. Cleaning the existing the RCC surface area with wire brushing and washing the same.

2. Filling up the cracks ( if any ) with rich mix cement mortar or Non Shrink Grouts.

3. Rendering 25mm thick cement mortar in 1:5 and fixing the ROUGH SHAHABAD TILES ( 2' X 1'6") in a staggered pattern by keeping 20 mm joint in between the tiles.

4. Filling medium size aggregates in between the joints GROUTING cement slurry admixed with integral plasticizer of MYK Schomburg make MYK Proof WP-10 @ 150ml per bag of cement and finishing smooth.

5. NOTE : The joints are the weakest area in between the tiles. So utmost care of compaction to be taken while grouting.

6. Rendering average 30 to 40 mm thick cement screed ( Sand + Aggregates + cement) with proper compaction and finishing smooth.

7. CURING the same for at least 15 days.



Use of Integral waterproofing plasticisers, Grouting admixtures in neat cement slurry makes the cement mortars/screed /slurry flow able, homogeneous by reducing the water cement ratio and enhances the properties.

Also use of Flexible Chemical coating over the joints prevents the re occurrences of the cracks.


While executing BOX TYPE WATERPROOFING Treatment the UPLIFT OF WATER should be taken care of by making arrangements to divert the same till the curing period.

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