Protech Systems was started in October 2007 when the ideas of two strongly willed people named Mr. DEVDATTA DESHPANDE and Mr. SATYEN INAMKE came together.

The idea was to bring about a revolution in the waterproofing industry by using the latest in waterproofing systems using the latest and state of the art technologies from Germany.

A graduate from the Commerce segment and got into the field of waterproofing straight after graduation and having a vast experience in handling and executing various Industrial as well as residential projects all over India.

An engineer by qualification from the civil segment an after having got a few years of site experience moved on to do marketing for a couple of reputed construction chemical companies. Further went on to start his own construction chemical trading firm, till then the relation with Mr. Deshpande was only of a trader and that of an authorized company applicator.

Like minded people gel well and thatís what set the ball rolling when we thought of starting a partnership firm giving services to clients regarding all the problems related to the construction industry. Today we are equipped with a joint experience of 27 years in the field of waterproofing and construction chemicals.

We look forward to give prompt, cost effective and long lasting remedies to our clients who in the long run can look at us as the perfect service providers.

Our strength has always been our team of skilled and unskilled workers who count upto 135 in number of which we are lucky to have 45 of them who have been loyal for more than 8 years.

We are equipped with the state of art machinery from Germany required for the spraying of chemicals, High pressure water jet machines for surface preparation, sanders, drill machines, mini cranes for hoisting of materials, and every thing required for the thorough and up to the mark completion of job undertaken by us.